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Thomas the Train Coloring Pages

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Thomas is a popular animation character for kids all over the world. In the country, he's originally created, which is in United Kingdom, the series is titled Thomas the Tank Engine. Why the tank, you ask? As all you know very well, Thomas' first appearance on TV was a very long time ago. In the 80s, to be exact. One of the members of the legendary British band The Beatles, Ringo Starr became a part of the show as the storyteller. Thomas is modeled after an old steam locomotive. Such steam machine was used to empower tanks too in the past. Hence, he's given the name Thomas the Tank Engine. As clear as it is, parents mostly just refer to him as Thomas the Train. Anyway, despite being a very old character, Thomas the Train still remain popular among kids today. He's so popular that even the Japanese created a real life steam engine train (JNR Class C11) modeled after Thomas.

If your kid can't have enough of Thomas and his friends, you might want to get some of these Thomas the Train coloring pages. There are over 40 of them and all are in high quality. They hardly need any more editing. Just choose the one Thomas the Train coloring page that you like the most and print it. In the following Thomas the Train coloring pages, you can not only find Thomas and his cheekiness, but also his friends who are also helpful to the people of Sodor. You can see Thomas with the town's folks celebrating certain holidays such as Christmas and Halloween. He helps clear the railway from the snow. He also helps deliver the gifts for many children in Sodor. Thomas is a good role model for children. No wonder he's loved by both kids and their parents. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy these Thomas the Train coloring pages.

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Thomas the Train Coloring Pages

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