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Thor Coloring Pages

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Are you Thor's fan? You must be excited that this son of Odin will get another movie later this year. Entitled Thor: Ragnarok, the movie is set to release in November 2017. The trailer is already uploaded on Youtube but not being a Thor's fan, I haven't watched it yet. They say the movie will explain what Thor and Hulk is doing during the Civil War in Marvel's universe. Apparently, they have some sort of gladitorial duel. I don't know, maybe both of them are trying to prove who's the mightiest in Avengers. Or maybe Thor is mad because Hulk crushed his half brother, Loki, and called him "Puny God". As a god himself, that may offend the mighty Thor.

Whatever seems to be the case, if you consider yourself a big fan of Thor, you must be excited to see this many Thor coloring pages. Although I'm not his fan, I still have to admit that his armor looks pretty cool actually. It's just his weapon that makes him look rather silly. I mean, yes it's cool that Mjolnir enables him to fly and that no one can lift it beside Thor himself. But that hammer can't help but look too short to be a functional weapon. If I'm gonna have to brawl in close range combat, I'd rather use my fist rather than a clunky hammer. Either way, I hope you enjoy these Thor coloring pages.

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Thor Coloring Pages

Fun Facts about Thor

  • The character Thor made his first appearance in the August 1962 issue of Journey into Mystery. His premiere in issue #83 of that series wasn't the only big thing to happen in the Marvel Comics world that month, though: Also hitting shelves was Amazing Fantasy #15, the comic that introduced Spider-Man to the world.
  • Loki once turned Thor into a frog. He was trying to make a prank for his brother. In his little frog form, Thor still retained his mighty power, making himself a mighty frog god.
  • The magical hammer Mjolnir isn't the only weapon Thor relies upon in the Marvel Comics universe. His enchanted Belt of Strength is also an important—if frequently overlooked—element of his arsenal, as it enhances his strength to almost double its otherwise impressive level. In Norse mythology, these two items are accompanied by magical, iron gloves that allow him to wield Mjolnir.
  • According to Norse mythology, Thor and the other gods of Asgard gain their immortality from eating the magical Golden Apples of Idunn, which grow in Asgard and can only be picked by the goddess Idunn. This is also the case for the Marvel Comics version of Thor, who has periodically returned to Asgard in order to renew his immortality.
  • Bill is an alien called a Korbinite who once fought Thor and managed to grab Mjolnir, which deemed him worthy. Both Thor and Bill were transported to Asgard, where Odin had them fight to see who got to keep the hammer. Bill won but refused to kill Thor, so Odin gave Mjolnir back to his son and had a new hammer called Stormbreaker made for Bill.
  • Thor of the comics eventually discovers two related bombshells: His real mother is Gaea, or Mother Nature. And because Gaea is his real mother, he has a half-brother named Atum. Atum has a secret identity of his own: He sometimes becomes Demogorge, the god-eater. One of Atum’s abilities is that he can consume gods that he kills and absorb their powers.

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