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Tiger Coloring Pages

Tiger Coloring Pages to Print Out   50731

The most majestic member of all cat family is, I think, tiger. You may disagree with me and insist that lion is more of a king than tiger is, but to me who has spent a considerable amount of my lifetime in Southeast Asia, nothing beats the charisma of a alpha male tiger. It doesn't have mane like alpha lion, but it's size is gigantic (up t0 3.3 meters and up to 300 kg). Its strip skin pattern helps tell other animals, including humans, that they're not to be trifled with. They don't mind getting into the water, roaming the river, as long as they can catch their prey. Still, as strong and ferocious as all tigers are, they're still no match for us, humans. We used to (and probably still do) hunt them down, not for their meat, but for their skin, which is really a nonsense. We hunted them to an extreme extent that three subspecies of tiger are already extinct.

Now if you want to introduce your children more about this amazing carnivore, it might be a good idea to start with these tiger coloring pages. They're good for both young preschoolers to older kids because their difficulty range from easy to hard. You can find some coloring pages of cute baby tigers which are more appropriate for your children. You know, when they're still a cub, they're not very different with common cats. They're cute, curious, and very fragile. Anyway, in addition to that, you also get to color some epic realistic tiger coloring pages. They're more difficult to color since they have more small details, requiring you to have better hand and eye coordination, which most kids can't do. That's why they're perfect for teenage students, who already develop such fine hand and eye coordination. Just choose the tiger coloring pages that you like and print them. Have a good time!

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Tiger Coloring Pages

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