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Transformers Coloring Pages

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It's now only a couple of weeks left until Transformers 5 officially hit the big screen. Are you excited? As much as I want to see Optimus Prime and Bumblebee kicking some butts again, I'm not too eager to watch this latest movie of Transformers. After I watch the trailer in Youtube, I got turned down quite badly. There is still Mark Wahlberg in the movie, which is nice, but along with him, and Optimus and Bumblebee, are a bunch of kids playing hero. They all put up some tough guy faces you commonly see in movies like Too Fast, Too Furious, which is really awful in my opinion. When Transformers clash, the area quickly turns into a savage war zone (still remember how Optimus Prime rip apart Megatron's face?). Kids must not be there! It might be an attempt from the director and producers to attract more viewers from the young ones, but that makes the movie not as epic as it should be.

Oh well, that's just my two cents. Anyway, if you're looking for some more epics in the form of Transformers coloring pages, you're lucky to find this post. I've compiled a bunch of Transformers coloring pages. You can see many members of the Autobots, from the leader Optimus Prime himself, to the fearless young warrior like Bumblebee. There is also Ironhide. From the enemy's side, Decepticons have of course Megatron and his most loyal servant Starscream. Actually, there are many of them but I can't recognize them all. So, you tell me what Transformers robot I have not mentioned. In some of these coloring pages of Transformers, you can see the disguised version of the robots. Bumblebee as the yellow Camaro, and Optimus Prime as the red and blue trailer truck. There is also the ancient T-Rex Transformer from the forth movie. This guy merged with Optimus to make the more awesome version of his. Totally cool! Check out these Transformers coloring pages yourself!

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Transformers Coloring Pages

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