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Trolls Coloring Pages

Trolls World Tour Movie Coloring Pages Barb and Poppy Poster

Are you in need of Trolls coloring pages? If you do, surely enough you can find one over here. Trolls is a movie that has a lot of fans around the world. It is a 2016 movie with cute, iconic characters that everyone will remember for a long time. The movie, starring Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake, tells a story about the trolls. They are cute little creatures with colorful hair. The main characters are Princess Poppy and Branch. They are going on an adventure to save their village from the Bergens. The Bergens are their nemesis. They eat trolls to stay happy, which is a shame because these trolls are so cute like LOL Dolls. The movie is generally successful. It attracts a lot of people and to this day the movie is watched multiple times by kids around the world. That is why Trolls coloring pages are downloaded by parents to give to their kids.

The coloring page right here is the one of Princess Poppy and Branch. Princess Poppy is seen hugging Branch. She seems really happy and Branch seems a little bit annoyed. Poppy is so cute. She's almost like an anime girl. Anyway, this coloring page is easy to fill with color as there are no details on the page. Kids will love to give this page color. They can color the hair of Princess Poppy and Branch with their signature pink and blue color or choose any color that they like. The Trolls coloring pages should be easy to download and then to print with ease, too. When you have kids at home and you want them to stay calm inside the house, coloring this page will be the great activity to do. When the kids love the animated movie, like this LEGO Batman movie, surely they would love this coloring page. Download them right now and give them to your kids. When they have nothing to do at home, filling the Trolls coloring pages over here will be the best thing that they can do.

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Trolls Coloring Pages

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