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Winter Coloring Pages

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What do you do in winter? Are you the typical person who like to spend all day indoor, snuggling in the comfort of your home? Or are you the type that just don't want to give up to the cold weather? You stay active outdoor, having a lot of fun with the snow? Either way, it's March now. Winter is only a few weeks left. Soon enough, the flowers will blossom again. Green grass will replace the melting snow. And I'm excited about it. You see, I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), a disorder that affects one's mental health during winter. I experience a lot of mood swings during winter, so I try to always stay active outdoor. It helps with the depression, you know. Besides, the nature during winter can be quite magical, you know. It's all white and silence. You can have a lot of fun with your friends.

Still, if you are much of an indoor type of person, you might want to get busy with these winter coloring pages. The printable images of winter below are suitable for both children and grown ups. I mean, some are appropriate for kids while some others are difficult enough to be exciting for adult. The one intended for kids mostly show different activities that your kids can do outdoor during winter. These are like sledding, building a snowman, and playing snowball war. There's a cute penguin and funny Disney characters too in these winter coloring pages. Note that while these printable images of winter are free, you may only use them for educational and personal purpose. Take a look yourself below!

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Winter Coloring Pages

Winter Fun Facts

  • Winter defined by the Earth's orbit around the sun, begins on the The Equinox and Solstice which falls on 21 or 22 December. However, when recording and comparing climate data, it is important to have set dates that can be compared and so for this reason a fixed date of the 1 December is used to mark the start of the meteorological Winter.
  • Many animals, such as the black bear, hibernate during the winter. In the winter, a black bear's heartbeat can slow to 8 beats a minute (from the usual 40 or so) and it can go as long as 100 days without food!
  • When it is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, it is Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This occurs because the Southern Hemisphere is tilted away from the sun and the Northern Hemisphere faces the sun more directly because of the way the earth is tilting toward the sun.
  • The average snowflake ranges from a size slightly smaller than a penny to the width of a human hair. But according to some unverified sources they can grow much larger. Witnesses of a snowstorm in Fort Keogh, Montana in 1887 claimed to see milk-pan sized crystals fall from the sky. If true that would make them the largest snowflakes ever spotted, at around 15 inches wide.
  • You might surprised to know that in the northern hemisphere the earth is closest to the sun during winter. On January 2 2016 the Earth will reach perihelion (peri meaning 'near' and helion meaning 'sun') and the earth is 3.1 million miles closer to the sun than at aphelion (around July 5 when the earth is furthest from the sun).
  • Monarch butterflies actually migrate to avoid cold weather; starting in early fall, they start their long journey south, and arrive at a very specific location in Mexico in November. They start heading back up north in the spring-time.
  • Physics confirms what you’ve likely known since childhood: Snow on the wet or moist side is best for building your own backyard Frosty. One scientist pegs the perfect snow-to-water ratio at 5:1.

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