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Wolf Coloring Pages

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Why do people call someone who like to be alone as lone wolf? Seriously, in real life, no wolves like to be alone. If they are, they will quickly howl to call the attention of their pack. Wolves simply can't survive alone in the wild. Their power is with the pack. Remember The Jungle Book? The young wolf cubs are taught to always remember to stay with the pack. Anyway, wolf howls just like dog barks. It can be a way to communicate with other members of its pack or can be a threat to anything (humans or other animals) that violate their territory. In Zootopia, wolves are pictured to be rather silly. They would howl just because the wolf near them howl. It's really for no other reason and it's true in real life. Some wolves just howl meaninglessly, following the howls of other wolves. And although their size is not very big, wolves have huge appetite. A single wolf can eat up to 20 pounds of meat at a time.

Just like many other predators, wolves are often misunderstood. In the past, humans would kill so many wolves just because they thought they would endanger their lives. As a result, wolves now become endangered. In fact, the red wolves have been declared extinct in the wild more than 20 years ago. And the highly adaptable gray wolves are also threatened. If you want to teach your children to start care about the preserve of wild animals, particularly wolves, you might want to get some of these wolf coloring pages. There are about 30 of them and most are simple enough for children to color. As you can see below, there are cute baby wolf coloring pages that your children must love to color. In some printables, the olf look more realistic but it's not necessarily more difficult. You might want to teach your kid how to apply gradient colors to these realistic wolf coloring pages. In some printables, the wolf can be seen alone while in others, you can find some wolf pack coloring pages. Check them out below and see if you can make a good use of any of these wolf coloring pages.

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Wolf Coloring Pages

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