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Yoshi Coloring Pages

Paper Yoshi Coloring Pages Yoshi Holding Star Hammer

Super Mario Bros has become legendary game. Even, there are some movies, and now the games have got many series and titles. Of course, the character of Luigi and Mario become the iconic character. You might have played the games since you were kid, even now as the development of Nintendo and its gaming console. Well now, it is not only about Mario and Luigi. There is also famous character, and it is called Yoshi. You may have many collections of Yoshi coloring pages. In the game, Yoshi is a dinosaur. However, it is not like the bad character of fierce dinosaur. Although it adopts the character of Tyrannosaurus, it does not show any scary and fierce appearance. Instead, it looks cute with its green color, smiling face, and big shoes. That is why kids also like the Yoshi coloring pages.

If you also love coloring various pictures, and you are also fans of Super Mario Bros, you should get your own Yoshi coloring pages. Once you know the character of Yoshi, the friendly and cute dinosaurs, you will start to like it. You may start to find the character in the game, and after that you can get some pictures of Yoshi. Even, when you want to get some toys of Yoshi, now it will not be too difficult to get. Related to the coloring pages of Yoshi, you can find many nice pages and pictures. You can see playing Basketball. The most common pictures are Yoshi in walking and running position. If you want to see the character of Mario or Luigi, there are also some pictures of the character riding Yoshi. When you want to get higher difficulty level in coloring the page, you can have coloring pages with many images of Yoshi. These look like doodle art, and surely they give you some times to finish the jobs. There are still other Yoshi coloring pages to find, and you can get many collections of them.

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Yoshi Coloring Pages

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