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Zoo Coloring Pages

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Did you know that "zoo" is only the short version term for an amusement park with many animals? The origina term is zoological park but since it's long and less practical, people start to just call it zoo. Last year, Disney made a movie that has a "zoo" in its title. I'm sure you all know it. Yep, it's "Zootopia". The title is the modified version from the world "utopia", which means a dream world. Hence, it's safe to say that "Zootopia" means a dream world for animals, or to be exact, for all mammals. Anyway, aside from being somewhat like an amusement park, zoos are also important as they can be a means to preserve endangered animals. They also allow so many people to learn about wild animals without necessarily going to the wild. Well, most animals in the zoos are not as wild as those in their true habitats. They're partly domesticated by the caretaker.

Anyhow, for those of you looking to get some zoo coloring pages, you can find the best of them in this post. The difficulty range from that made for preschoolers to advanced colorists. Yes, some of these zoo coloring pages look very simple and easy that kids of young ages can enjoy coloring them. Just like the image of a few cartoonish animals with cute big eyes and friendly smiles. However, some of them are also very detailed that only adults can seem to color them. The animals and the environment drawn in some of these zoo coloring pages look very realistic. Either way, these zoo coloring pages are completely free for you. You just have to remember that they may only be used for personal and educational purpose only. Hope you enjoy these zoo coloring pages.

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Zoo Coloring Pages

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