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Teen Coloring Pages

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Do you watch the movie "Inside Out" that Disney released in 2014? Apart from all the epic adventures of the five emotions, the movie shows how teenage years can be difficult. Really, though, as kids become teenagers everything seems so strange. Their emotions are mixed up and they do not know how to deal with it. This may result in excessive stress that's certainly not good for their growth. They need help to reduce that stress and coloring may be just the right activity for that. By focusing on complex images and coloring every single small details of them using soothing colors, teenagers can actually forget their problems for a while.

Mind you, Selena Gomez in his teenage years also enjoyed coloring. Media might never expose this particular side of hers but I happen to know her picture holding a big coloring book. Try to Google it yourself. Anyway, here you can find a few difficult images that will serve perfectly as teen coloring pages. Some of the printables may be more challenging and require better focus for your teen kids. But that's good. The more you focus on mix and matching relaxing colors like blue, green, and purple, the better you will feel at the end of your coloring season. Check them out yourself the teen coloring pages below!

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Teen Coloring Pages

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