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Funny Coloring Pages

Free Printable Funny Coloring Pages for Kids   5gzkd

How do you define funny? What is funny to you? Is some cartoon banana character putting up cool face with cool glasses funny to you? Is some chubby looking cat making goofy faces funny to you? Probably not. But you kids may find them funny. After all, their sense of humor is completely different from ours. They don't need some sarcastic witty joke to laugh. All they need is some simple funny expression. I guess that's why we rarely find children with acute depression. They can have fun very easily anytime and anywhere.

In this post, you can find several funny printables that your kid can color to their heart content. There is some toad-looking monster which seems to have dumped a big time that he looks so relieved. There is also a little guy who got his tongue stuck to a pole holding a sign written "North Pole". Another printable shows a turkey who hates the idea of him becoming our meal that he puts up a sign "eat pork!". All of these printables can be had for free but you must not use them for any commercial purpose. They're only meant for personal and educational use only.

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Funny Coloring Pages

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