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Beach Coloring Pages

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Have you been in Miami Beach before? If you haven't and you happen to be a big fan of some random celebrities of Hollywood, then you'd better pay it a visit someday. It is no secret that Miami Beach is one of few public places where you will likely run into a Hollywood star. The reason is probably because it's located not very far from the South Beach. Also, it takes less than two hours to drive there from the luxurious city of Palm Beach where many celebs reside. So if you are having a desire to get a selfie with some random Hollywood figures, remember to go to Miami Beach.

Anyway, I do not consider myself as a beach lover. I mean, yeah you can have fun in beach like swimming, sun bathing, playing volleyball, but I don't like hot weather. When the days are too hot, I tend to stay at home with my air conditioners set at full. Still, if you and your family loves beaches, then you will probably like these beach coloring pages. There are nearly 30 of them, all of which can be printed at the cost of nothing. Simply click on the beach printable that you like, save it on your device and print it later. These beach coloring pages have various images. One of them is spotlighting the towering lone lighthouse, while another shows children building a sand castle. There's also Hello Kitty too, playing ukulele. You gotta see them for yourselves!

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Beach Coloring Pages

Beach Fun Facts

  • Beaches are landforms located along the shoreline of water bodies such as an ocean, sea, lake or river. They are made up of loose rock particles of materials such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles or cobblestones or sometimes shells. Most beaches are found on the coast, where wave action, currents, tides and seawater rises continuously rework and shape the sediment. As a result, beaches are usually regarded as dynamic, natural phenomenon.
  • Beaches became popular as tourist attractions during the 18th century. Today, beach side towns and beach resort areas are a magnet for tourist who come to sunbathe, swim, stroll the beach, build sandcastles, surf and body board.
  • The longest beach in the world is arguably Praia do Cassino, also called Casino Beach. It’s in Rio Grande in Brazil. It’s about 212km long. That would be one long beach to walk along.
  • Miami Beach is surrounded by both the Biscayne National Park and the Everglades National Park. It’s the only city in the United States that has two different national parks as part of its borders. Both parks offer a wide array of activities for visitors to partake in including wildlife watching and canoeing.
  • Sandy beaches are mostly made of silica (SiO2) in the form of the mineral quartz. Depending on the type of sediment that makes up the sand, beaches can come in many different colors such as: white, gray, gold-yellow, brown, red and black.
  • More than twice the number of people visit America’s coasts and beaches than people visiting all state and national parks combined. The proportion of people that go to the beach that can’t swim is roughly 1 out of 3.
  • The largest sand island in the world is called Fraser Island, and it’s just off the coast of Queensland in Australia. It covers about 163,000ha and has a beach that is 65km long.
  • For those that want to take a cruise, Miami Beach is the place to be. Miami contains the largest cruise ship port in the entire world. Many cruise ships go in and out of this port on a daily basis.

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